# Social media

# How it works

AnyMod has pre-built social media mods so that you don't have to dig through docs each time you want to install a widget. The process is straightforward:

  1. Clone a mod
  2. Add your (or a client's) username

That's all you need. No more digging through documentation for each widget.

# Ready-to-use social widgets

AnyMod has dozens of mods for popular services, including:

# Twitter follow, tweet, share, etc

See mods (opens new window)

<!-- Twitter Follow button -->
<div id="anymod-mlbao"></div>

# Facebook like, post, discussion, etc

See mods (opens new window)

<!-- Facebook Like button -->
<div id="anymod-badmm"></div>

# GitHub follow, fork, star, etc

See mod (opens new window)

<!-- GitHub button -->
<div id="anymod-aklmr"></div>

# Pinterest board, profile, pin button, etc

See mods (opens new window)

<!-- Pinterest User Profile embed -->
<div id="anymod-badom"></div>


The mods above are editable: click the pencil edit on the right, then click to customize each widget.

See even more Social Media mods in the library (opens new window)

Last Updated: 7/10/2019, 4:09:37 PM