# Getting started

Example Description
Add a mod to your page Install a mod on your web page

# Content management

Example Description
Manage content Edit live content with AnyMod
Make your page editable Make an existing web page editable

# Build & customize mods

Example Description
Merging mods Merge one mod's changes into another mod
Build a mod with React Build a mod using React
Build a mod with Vue.js Build a mod using Vue.js
Add custom stylesheets Add custom CSS assets to a mod
Add custom scripts Add custom JavaScript assets to a mod
Use Handlebars Use Handlebars to insert content in your mod's HTML
Use SCSS Use SCSS syntax auto compiled to CSS
Use ES6 / ES2015 Use ES6 syntax auto compiled to ES5 ("regular" JavaScript)
Use JSX Use JSX syntax auto compiled to ES5
Use TypeScript Use TypeScript syntax auto compiled to ES5
Use with an API Use TypeScript syntax auto compiled to ES5

# Enhancements

Example Description
Optimize CSS & JS assets Improve page load times by adding CSS & JS resources directly to a page
Image manipulation Use AnyMod's buildImage function to manipulate images
Right-size image Change image dimensions based on the screen size of the device viewing your page
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