# Introduction

AnyMod lets you easily add features to any website or web app.

Mods are modular features that you can extend, share, and customize, or create from scratch. They make building website features fast, simple, and repeatable.

Mods are designed to work with ANY web technology, from plain HTML to WordPress, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js & more, and with the latest frameworks like React & Vue.js or with classics like jQuery. Mods work on both new & existing websites.

This approach gives you freedom to work across tech stacks, and to build or host with whatever tools you want.


Check out the Quickstart to try AnyMod without an account.

# Fast loads

Mods load fast. Page speed is a top priority at AnyMod, and we have dedicated significant resources to building a fast, global delivery network for mods.

A basic page with 15 mods will load all of its mod data in single request taking 10-30ms.

Mods load in parallel with DOM parsing and loading of other non-AnyMod assets. The net result is little or no impact on page load time, and, in many cases, moving features to AnyMod will speed up a page.

# Tools for non-developers

Mods have a built-in WYSIWYG content editor that lets non-developers update text & images directly from their own live web page.

No coding skills are needed to use the content editor, and a live preview gives instant feedback. See the content management section for more.

# Tools for developers

Mods come with a host of modern, cloud-based tools that work automatically and without complex setup.

The mod editor includes automatic pre-compilation tools such as:

along with tools for quickly adding external CSS & JS assets, creating and referencing documentation, and more. Saving a mod automatically refreshes its preview, and syntax errors are automatically caught and highlighted in real-time.

This all results in a fast, repeatable workflow across all of your mods and projects.

# Browser & search compatible

Mods work in all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+, and all other ECMAScript 5 compliant browsers.

Mods are fully indexed by Google and appear in search results alongside other page content. Bing has announced its rollout of indexing for JavaScript, but search results on Bing may not include mod content at this time. Yahoo uses both Google and Bing for its search results, while Ask.com also fully indexes mod content like Google does.

# Open-source mods

AnyMod has free, open-source mods (opens new window) to support your projects. You can use these mods as-is in any project you choose, or you can clone, edit, and reuse mods wherever you need them.

Verified mods have been screened for quality, browser compatibility, and security. We publish a weekly overview with new mods called Module Monday.

Our goal at AnyMod is to make it easy to add rich features to any website or web app. We are always adding new mods, and we love working closely with developers and teams to help build a better Internet.

Last Updated: 9/23/2019, 6:58:29 PM